Amour Bistro Delhi – A quick bite!

Amour Bistro Delhi

Delhi’s cafe culture is at a rise and for good. Instagrammable cafes coming up with light pastel themes. Besides than being just pretty, I always look forward to good food. Praising a restaurant just for its picture-perfect ambiance is too much for my liking. Which is why I try to look for places lesser known for a unique culinary experience. Today I present a cafe hidden in the embassy lanes of New Delhi, India; Amour Bistro Delhi for its Mediterranean cuisine & perfect ambiance.

Amour Bistro Delhi India | Amour Bistro | Food Review | Restaurant Review | #delhi #india #review
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Review of Amour Bistro Delhi

Amour Bistro Delhi is located in the subtle lanes of the Embassy road behind the famous USA embassy. 


The European themed cafe presents Mediterranean cuisine and a quaint vibe. Gourmet inspirations from Southern Europe include pizzas, risotto and desserts. The huge wall-sized windows, intricate seating arrangement with beautiful decor on the tables make Amour Bistro Delhi appealing. Optimal for couples, friends and family, the cafe offers arrangements for corner seat and sofa sets for comfort. 


I went to Amour Bistro on my own with a zeal to explore something new and also have a quick bite of the famous risotto. As a responsible traveler, whenever I eat out alone I always order less in order to waste less food. 

Amour Bistro Delhi food

In a new place, I always end up trying vegetarian first which is why I chose Cilntro Risotto at Amour Bistro. Risotto is a rice dish spiced with either vegetables or meat. This delight is flavored with garlic and sweet pepper and parmesan cheese with a side including a bun.

The dish is ideal in size for a solo-eater like myself. Combined with a Mixed Berries smoothie, my palate was complete. 



As the restaurant is in the poshest Diplomatic enclave, it is priced slightly higher than others in the same genre. The cost for just my cost around 1000₹ (15$) which may increase if ordered with meat dishes or desserts. 


My Rating

Amour Bistro Delhi India | Amour Bistro | Food Review | Restaurant Review | #delhi #india #review

Would I return?

Definitely Yes! As an Italian cuisine connoisseur, I am surely going back to the Amour Bistro. Keeping the price range in mind, it will not be my go-to cafe but a one I’ll pick for special occasions. 

Would you like to try Mediterranean cafes in Delhi, India? Or did you already ate at the Amour Bistro Delhi? Do share your thoughts with me 🙂

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Amour Bistro Delhi India | Amour Bistro | Food Review | Restaurant Review | #delhi #india #review

– Shivani

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  3. I think I’m going to visit this cafe whenever in my Delhi tour …😁the food looks delicious 😍

    1. Shivani says:

      Glad you liked it, hope you like the cafe whenever you visit Delhi 🙂

  4. Great post 😁

    1. Shivani says:

      Thank you 🙂

      1. No problem 🙂 check out my blog when you get the chance 😁

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