Amazing things to do in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda is a beautiful little village in Himachal Pradesh just a few kilometers from Shimla. On our way to Sangla Valley, we stopped at a campsite in Narkanda only to discover a heavenly place. So, I’m going to present what are the top things to do in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh beyond camping. 

Things to do in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh


When nature calls for us…We.Just.Go..!!!

That was something like my last trip to Sangla, Himachal Pradesh,  India which is a 16hrs drive from Delhi and you may read how to reach Sangla from Delhi. Narkanda is almost 10 hrs from Delhi in the lap of mountains with apple & deodar trees all over. Just after crossing Narkanda, we stopped somewhere around Kumharsain for breakfast as we driving since past 8 hrs and were desperately in need of a break.

Entry door of camps of Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh India

The vigor of the beautifully made restaurant and the lovely little camps left us fascinated. As I mentioned here that you may want to take a break after Shimla if visiting Sangla valley, then this is the place I would recommend strongly!! 

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Variety of facilities are available here including camps, an amazing restaurant with homes like food, bonfire, and even wooden huts if you are not prepared for the chilly night. 

Camps at Narkanda Himachal Pradesh India

Luckily the place was not crowded, so we got to enjoy breakfast amidst beautiful mountains with only a few families stopping for a break. While the breakfast was being prepared, I took a stroll around the camp to capture the beauty and enjoy morning chilly weather.

A cottage at Narkanda Himachal Pradesh India

After such a long drive we even thought of not going to Sangla valley and just enjoy the rest of vacation at the Narkanda camp and I think I surely would have regretted that. Although, we continued with the quest for exploring a least explored area (at least I thought!!) and literally one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. 

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A lampshade at Narkanda Himachal Pradesh India

#Hatu Peak

Located just in Narkanda next to Shimla, at 2600 meters above sea level is the Hatu Peak. Located among a dense forest, snow-capped mountains, and apple trees all over. Spend your time while trekking to the Hatu Peak and enjoy gorgeous sunset and sunrise here. 

#Tannu Jubbar Lake

Mountains are best enjoyed with a view of stunning lakes surrounded by the trees. Such a lake is there in Narkanda is the Tannu Jubbar Lake. A perfect picnic spot, photographer’s gem and an ideal way to rewind. Don’t miss visiting the lake when in Narkanda


Located at a peak of 2600meters, Narkanda gets ample amount of snowfall. So, winters make Narkanda for enjoying winter sports including skiing. When visiting Narkanda in winters, don’t shy away from trying skiing here. 

Would you like to stay in these gorgeous little houses while enjoying other things to do in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh?

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  1. Nice camps in the apple capital. I normally breeze past Narkanda on my way to Kinnaur and beyond. I have not devoted much time in this region, primarily because the accommodations seem to be too costly. But these camps may be a good option for people like me.

  2. Nature camp? Sounds awesome! Wooden huts, home like food and bonfire??? Whoa, I want to be there!!! Good to know its not much crowded as well. Hope I’ll get to visit the place as well.

  3. I have never been to India but I would definitely include Camp Himachal. All the colours look just so bright. And looks like a perfect place for hiking too.

  4. Very cool and unique outdoor spaces! Love the creativity with the front door. A great place for a getaway and commune with nature.

  5. I have never thought of camping in india but it must be the perfect way to recharge after the hectic streets of Delhi. I am planning a trip up into the hills at some point next year. How cold does it get at night?

    1. Some locations do have camp setups. In summers/monsoons, it gets chilly but a blanket and bonfire will be sufficient. But I doubt about winters because of snowfall it might get really difficult and one might need thick jackets/coats and heavy blankets to survive the night.

  6. This looks like the perfect place to regroup and relax. I’d probably choose one of the wooden cabins, as I’m always cold and those look super cozy. I’ve never been to Narkanda, but if I do, I know where to go now! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Looks like an interesting place to visit – nice shots.
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