Nicholas Sparks’ Two by Two Book Review

Sometimes, we come across a book which we want to hold onto and feel like finishing it as early as possible and this was one of those books for me. This might not be a great piece of literature even have a few flaws, although if you’re an emotional person, you will be able to feel the pain and may even cry towards the end. Heartbreak is the most difficult emotional to be put into words which is wonderfully expressed at various places in this book. The way Russell feel different emotions at a time and is unable to speak about them was utterly painful for me as well.

The main protagonist in the story is *Russell Green*, who has a stable career in advertising at 32, is married to *Vivian* and blessed with a gorgeous daughter, *London*. The tale begins when Vivian announces her pregnancy to Russ and her decision to leave her job after delivery leaves Russ with no other other option than to work even more hard to carry on the household expenses single handedly. Because of this, he looses most part of the day at work and miss out on the precious family time. Ultimately, the cracks begin to appear in their marriage heaven and Russ is unable to fill in the gaps and finds himself struggling between fetching himself clients and maintaining his married life. Vivian takes up a job for supporting household expenses citing Russ’s first few unsuccessful months of business. While Vivian is occupied with her job including a lot of travel also, Russ takes up the responsibility to take care of London full time which embarks his new journey as a single parent. As his nature, Russ finds himself pleasing Vivian always which also was not able to save his marriage. Eventually, Vivian confesses to Russ her newly founded love for her new boss and informing that she’s leaving him. Devastated, Russ is left alone to take care of London as a single parent and also protecting her from the divorce proceedings. There are other main characters – *Marge*, Russ’s elder sister with whom he is extremely close and they both share an eternal bond. While trying to settle in his business, fighting for joint custody of London and also dealing with Marge’s illness, Russ finds love & comfort in an old friend, *Emily*. Emily came in his life as a silver line and providing him a will to move forward and zeal for life. A person who’s unable to speak his mind to being a sole parent available, having to maintain & entertain his daughter was a terrifying journey for Russ.

“A beautifully written story dedicated towards single parenthood, the bond between a brother & sister and eternal love between father & daughter makes this an amazing read.”


  • Beautiful bond between Russell and Marge, even making me cry towards the end.
  • The struggle of setting up a new career despite the only parent available for his daughter was wonderfully expressed.
  • How the friendship can be rekindled between old lovers is also written well. Sometimes, it is proved over and over, what is meant to be, will finally find its way nonetheless.


  • Slow pace in beginning, despite strong hints regarding a failed marriage. Some parts from the first half could be excluded for a smooth transition towards the main story.
  • Few insignificant and detached conversations in various places which could have been easily avoided.
  • Definetely made me wonder did Russ marry Vivian in the first place- because he considered himself one of those guys who are meant to marry  one day or did he really love her?? In my opinion, if he could not even speak his heart out to his wife/lover, I doubt love exists there.


Not a typical Romance books, but a book devoted to father-daughter, brother-sister relationship and revival of friendships between old friends. All in all, a good read but I would recommend not to have high expectations before reading, else you might end up in disappointment. I would give 3.5 stars to the book because I liked the book towards the end.

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– The Wanderer

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