The mystic Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

Ajmer is a beautiful town with lots of things to do and Ana Sagar Lake is surely one of them. Although not a well-known places to visit in Ajmer city, the lake attracts hundreds of tourists and locals. The Ana Sagar lake Ajmer is one of the nearest places to visit from Ajmer Sharif. 

Ana Sagar Lake | Ajmer Lake, Rajasthan, India

Ana Sagar lake Ajmer

#History of Ajmer Lake

Ajmer Lake is a man-made lake historically going back to 11th century which was built by the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan named Arnoraja (nicknamed Ana). Hence the lake is named after him and is stretched over as much as 13 km. 

Ajmer lake also boasts a Circuit House situated near a hill, which was used by British officials. The Ajmer lake is also known for the island right in the center which is equally visited by locals and tourists. The island is well-connected with boats and boating is also one of the attractions in Ajmer lake. 

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Ajmer Lake, Rajasthan India | Ana Sagar lake Ajmer

#Sunset at Ajmer Lake

Ajmer lake is one of most beautiful places to see in Ajmer city, and I will highly recommend spending quality time here with friends and family. As the weather is very hot in Ajmer with temperatures soaring as much as 50 Celcius, it is advisable to visit the Ajmer Lake lake either early morning or late evenings. 

Silhouette of sunset at Ajmer Lake | Ana Sagar lake Ajmer

To view the sunset on the lake is one of my favorite memories from my visit to Ajmer Sharif. We encountered this beautiful sunset while we were about to get on the boat ride in the lake and explore the hilly side of the town.

People in boat at Ajmer Lake, Rajasthan, India  | Ana Sagar lake Ajmer

Had you seen Ajmer Lake while your visit to Ajmer in Rajasthan yet? Do share your experience with me!!

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