How to save money for travel even with debt?

How to save money for travel

Some say ‘Travel is for the rich‘ and some just work a bit harder for making travel a part of their life. Most of my friends from the travel community work full-time or have families & responsibilities but still, they make travel a priority. In today’s era, we are surrounded by extremely costly smartphones, Macs‘, iPads‘ & other high techs well apart from our routine expenses. Some of us bore the burden of debts, loans, & EMIs, including me. Yet, I save for my trips, some domestic & few international. So, I’m going to share all the tips & tricks I use to save money for travel even with debt. Believe me, I’ll not recommend selling all your stuff for travel – really no!


How to save money for travel even with debt?

If you have a full-time job and dream of all those whimsical places posted almost everywhere on social media channels, you’re in the right place. I am a travel blogger with a full-time (read demanding) job in IT in Delhi. So, when it comes to a full-time job in a corporate, it’s all about showcasing your best self…oh yeah work too 😉 When I say showcase, I mean how to dress properly. When I think of my job, it’s my means of paying for my travels, not a passion (hoping my boss isn’t reading it 😁). Working in a corporate means you have to maintain a lifestyle, the latest fashion trends, costly make-up and *literally* clothes-ripping costly tech like iPhone. So let me tell you that I do have an iPhone but it was before I started blogging so I’m excluding myself comfortably here.

Shop Online

I see women around me dressing up in the latest fashion from Zara, Mango and many more like them. I too like shopping, but instead I resist the urge to buy from these fancy stores. Sale season is the key! Sites like Myntra in India offer 75-80% discounts during sales which is how I take my share of the latest fashion. 

I also like Urbanic and Amazon India to buy reasonable clothes, when researched properly, I find amazing stuff there. All at decent prices. Believe it or not, I am a cheap shopper 😀

Since I work in corporate, I like to save time on going out to shop. Hence, I don’t prefer to shop from Sarojini Nagar or Janpath in Delhi.

Save on makeup

I don’t use makeup, just a Kohl and lipstick which also costs a fortune, well sometimes. So, I buy the necessities which usually last 4-5 months depending upon my low usage. When I say low usage – I mean I hardly retouch my lipstick after I apply it once. And I look just fine. I might not look full-face make-up attractive, but I’m fine with it.

Another alternative is to use a lip balm with a tint. I use Avon’s strawberry one which is a partner since my childhood days. So, be your natural self, enjoy a bit of makeup & save money for travel. 


I know tech is an important part of our lives. No matter how costly or budgeted, it’s an evil necessity. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend 1000$ on an iPhone which will be obsolete in a year. And I’m not saying you have to go with a Nokia 1200 but anything between 100-200$ should give you a decent phone. Plus it’s safe, even if you lose it or it gets damaged then you won’t regret investing a hefty amount in it. So, keep an eye out for the tech reviews & buy a cheaper one to save money for travel. 

Savings Plan

When I say a savings plan, I don’t mean an investment plan with hefty instalments. I usually go with smaller recurring deposits with a smaller maturity period. I opt for multiple deposit accounts if I’m planning an international trip. This keeps my budget in check and saves while not hurting my monthly budget.

I am associated with a bank (ICICI Bank) which gives me the option of flexible recurring deposits. I chose one exclusively for my travel needs & I refill it as per how my monthly expenses go. It gives me freedom & a sense of accumulating extra money whatever I have; no matter how small. It is like my piggy bank. 

Cut down on Eating out

Here, I will not say never. I am a die-hard foodie and love all the junk food, lattes, and exquisite gourmet restaurants. Yet, I tend to eat out only once in a while & have a rather *decent* homemade coffee to save extra bucks. We don’t realise enough how much these little expenses shoot up when we dine out. So, I skip fancy restaurants for special occasions and save money for travel. 

Opt for Kindle books

I say it with a really heavy heart that I love books, the smell of a new book & the bookstores persuade me many times into buying them. However, I noticed the Kindle editions are really cheaper than the paperback ones. I have recently bought the cheapest iPad on EMI, this suits my reading & travel needs. So, I’d rather enjoy reading on a Kindle & save some money for travel as well. 

Go Green – Chose Public Transport

I admit it shamelessly I am a big fan of the Delhi Metro and loved commuting through public transport in trams & subways in Europe too. Although cabs & cars expose us to a different side of a place, they are insanely costly. I’d rather spend looking out of the window of a metro than a car, what would you do? Also, as a responsible tourist, I guess it is a decision we all should go for. 

These are my favourite tech products from Amazon.

Bonus Tip: How to save money for travel even with debt

Put Smaller portions to use

I have realised travelling is definitely not cheap, especially to international destinations from India. Flights and hotels rip apart the majority chunk from the budget. I have to admit, I have been in small debt in the last 2 years and yet I fulfilled my travel dream. On top of that, I also managed to pay huge portions of my loan with most of these tips.

But would you like to know what really helped me plan how to save money for travel? Here it is – I save smaller amounts of money, seriously, no matter how small. I have saved as little as 1$ too. Every week I calculate my expenses & estimate how much I can save with what am I left with. As I have opted for a flexible plan, I now refill it with 8$ every week taking my saving to another level. These are the ones I plan to use for my international trip this year because honestly, I think travelling in our own country is comparatively cheaper. 

So these are my some tips through which I have been saving & travelling all these years & hope to do so in the coming years.

Does any of these tips to save money you’d like to put to use?

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  1. Public transport and using your legs are cash savers Shivani. Excellent tips.

    1. Shivani says:

      Indeed, I mostly use public transport at home & while travelling, it saves me a lot of money 🙂 Glad you liked the tips, thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate it.

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