An Ultimate Bangalore Itinerary: Best of Bangalore in one day

Bangalore: The ‘Silicon City of India‘ or the famous IT hub where every college graduate dreams to land a great job. Initially conceptualized as the city for retirees somehow landed the status of IT capital of the county. Compared to California’s silicon city, the city usually overflows with geeks & business tourists. A pit stop for other must-see places in Karnataka, Bangalore is a place often ignored as a tourist destination.

I always dreamed of visiting Bangalore with a will to explore beyond its skyscrapers. Here’s my ultimate Bangalore itinerary where I spent a day so I present the best of Bangalore in one day. 

Karnataka is a beautiful Indian state, not limited to Bangalore (Duh!!). There are numerous tourists places in Karnataka which will mesmerize you. Here’s a detailed guide to Karnataka which covers everything you need to know about alluring. 

Bangalore Itinerary | Bangalore in One day | One day in Bangalore | Bangalore itinerary for one day | #india #bangalore |travel

An Ultimate Bangalore Itinerary: Everything about doing Bangalore in One Day the right way

Bangalore is a metro city with a number of places to visit, which is why I recommend staying at least 2 days here. If you are short on time with only one day in Bangalore, I’ll share my tips in this Bangalore itinerary about what to do & where to eat. 

Bangalore in One Day: The Morning 

No matter where you’re staying, I suggest starting your day at 8:00 AM with an early breakfast. I stayed in Indiranagar where a couple of cafes opened as soon as 8:00 AM which gave me a headstart for the day. I started my day with a cup of chai at the Tata Cha, which opened right at 8:00. 

Vidhana Soudha

Next, hire a cab or an auto to take you to Cubbon Park. On your way make a pit-stop at the Vidhana Soudha or Legislative Assembly of Karnataka. This is one of the most beautifully designed government buildings in India. Although it is not allowed for tourists or normal public to go inside, the outside structure is a feast for eyes, especially for architecture fanatics. I spent some time outside on my way back but it is way better if we do it the other way. 

Vidhana Soudha

Did you know? This is the largest state legislative building in India.

The grandeur of the Vidhana Soudha is noticeable from far off. Made of off-white & beige granite & porphyry stones, in Neo-Dravidian style. The building is decorated with domes and flaunts the visible hints of Indo-Saracenic architecture similar to one in Delhi’s North block & Chennai’s high court. 



Cubbon Park

Similar to Delhi’s Lodhi Garden but much magnanimous in size. Dating back to the 18th-century, the park remains the lifeline of Bangalore. The gradual movements of traffic, the visible lackadaisical attitude of the people taking shade in the trees and artists trying to capture moments all blends into the soul of this park. 

A walk in Cubbon Park while trying to complete the places to visit in Bangalore in one day is a must! Without this, you’re missing the heart of the city. After the walk, head to Koshy’s for a mouth-watering breakfast, it is one of the oldest cafes in the area & you’ll not be disappointed. 

Bangalore in One Day: Afternoon

Bangalore is a metro city & so the main tourist places of Bangalore are spread out in all directions. Not a walkable city which is why uber, auto or metro is the best way to commute in Bangalore. Take your pick and head to Bangalore Palace next. 

Bangalore Itinerary | Bangalore in One day | One day in Bangalore | Bangalore itinerary for one day | #india #bangalore |travel

Bangalore Palace

Now a metro city, Bangalore holds its’ share of history. Going back in the 18th-century, the palace is built as a fortified fort during the Wadiyar dynasty. The interiors are well-decorated with intricate wooden work. However, the palace draws its inspiration from the Tudor theme & Gothic architecture. 

Bangalore Palace (1)

The interiors however largely speak volumes of Hindu culture. The bright walls painted with Hindu elements, elegant furniture, alluring chandeliers, and intricate ceilings. The balconies carved with fine wooden work and the floors decorated with imprinted tiles. The rooms are adorned with colorful pillars and simplistic arches. The huge decorated doors and large windows beautify the interiors of the palace. 

An underdog in tourism is a must-see place in Bangalore. The entry fee for the Palace is 250₹ or 4.5$ for Indians & 450₹ (7$) for foreigners with a photography charge. Although the hefty fee of 700₹ (10$) for photography was a spoiler me. Despite all these hefty charges, Bangalore Palace should be on your check-list for things to do in Bangalore in one day. 

Take a lunch break before heading off to your next destination. 

Bangalore in One Day: Evening

Tipu Sultan Palace

Bengaluru’s history dates back to the Cholas, Mughals, and then the British empire. Tipu Sultan was one of the most progressive leaders of the Mysore empire who rules Bengaluru. Tipu Sultan’s Palace is one of the most visited places in Bangalore. 

A classic example of Indo-Islamic architecture, with interiors of teakwood. A medley of brown and golden shades embellishes the pillars, balconies and the durbar hall. The ornate work is visible on the arches & galleries of the palace. I highly recommend visiting the palace for reminiscing with the history of this high-tech city. 

Reach the Tipu Sultan’s summer Palace before the closing time of 17h30m local time. 

Head back for a scrumptious meal in the Indira Nagar where you will be spoilt for choices. Try Burma Burma for vegetarian & Vegan food choices, but make an appointment as it is usually busy at dinner time. I couldn’t relish a meal there because of waiting up to an hour, so I tried The Pizza Bakery instead. Loved their decor, I always love the ambiance decorated with plants. Their sluggish service didn’t bother me as I wanted to enjoy the “Me” time. 

Where to stay in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a business city with numerous options of hotels to choose from. Be it hostels, hotels or even Airbnb, there’s no dearth of choices for every sort of requirement.

Backpacker’s Panda – chose to stay in a hostel this time & tried Backpacker’s Panda in Indira Nagar.

The hostel is adorned with murals & wall art. In the prime residential area, the huge lawn & sitting area on the entrance is incredible. The hostels have separate dorms for women & men, and the bathrooms are supplied with bathtub & tissues. With only a day in Bangalore, I couldn’t enjoy my time in the hostel much. But I realized it pretty quick, the staff was extremely friendly and people in general nice there. It is one of the most sought hostels in the city with some people staying for longer durations of more than a month. The chance to make friends, great accommodation & at an amazing price is Backpacker’s Panda for you. Despite my first time in a hostel, I felt pretty safe there, which is why I can recommend it to all those who love to stay in hostels. 

If all this intrigued you, you can check their availability and prices here

If you prefer to stay in hotels with the privacy of own room & services, here are some of the best hotels in the city for you – 

– Radisson Blu Atria – The Radisson chain is already a great starter for me. With the advantage of location & mouth-watering cuisine, the hotel is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore. A perfect spot for the business & corporate traveler who like to combine luxury within their budget.

Check out their prices here, they offer rooms starting from 6000₹ ~ 85$. 

Fortune Select Trinity – A perfect hotel for the families with their amazing babysitting services. Those who love gorgeous interiors with bathtubs and ironing facilities, Fortune is an amazing choice for those. 

Check out their prices here, they offer rooms starting from 6000₹ ~ 85$. 

Lemon Tree Premier – A hotel with a surrounding of green environment and the close proximity of Ulsoor Lake. An ideal business hotel with services like a fitness center, spa, and Pan Asian cuisine. The hotel is ideal for those looking for a budgeted hotel.

Check out their prices here, they offer rooms starting from 3500₹ ~ 50$. 

It is definitely not enough to delve into Bengaluru in one day. The city demands more but just a day was enough for me to love the city. If you have a few days in Bangalore, I suggest heading to Coorg, especially for the love of coffee. I was supposed to too, but my plans changed, but I am definitely going back soon. 

Would you prefer to stay one day in Bangalore or more? I am definitely going back for more, what about you?


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Bangalore Itinerary | Bangalore in One day | One day in Bangalore | Bangalore itinerary for one day | #india #bangalore |travel

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  5. Ah the Garden City, Shivani. I loved Bangalore! We stayed for roughly a week. Plenty of walking around town. Plus we spent time during the cool season so things got brisk at night. What a fun time.

  6. I am not sure if this could be a good suggestion, but, after a quick visit to Tippu’s Palace, evening can be best spent at Lalbagh Garden, followed by some eateries near Gandhibazaar and Basavanagudi which are close by.

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