Astonishing places to visit in Diu: Reimagine Tranquility!

Visit Diu to experience tranquil beaches, Portuguese history, and a calm quaint town. This union territory of India has the perfect balance of beaches with a quieter vibe than Goa or Pondicherry. The town is usually known in conjunction with Daman as Daman & Diu, while both are miles apart with a sea in between. Diu is on the west end of Gujarat and Daman is on the Southern end. Many told us to skip visiting Diu as there’s “nothing to see”, but we went there anyway and came back content. So, here’s why you should visit Diu, one of the 7 union territories of India. And here are my recommendations about the top places to visit in Diu, especially on a day.

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What are the Places to visit in Diu in a day | Diu Travel Guide

Nagoa Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Diu is Nagoa Beach. The water-based adventure activities including parasailing, jet skiing, boating and even scuba diving make Nagoa Beach one of the must-see places to visit in Diu.

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Those not interested in adventure activities can enjoy the beach which is comparatively quiet even in the peak season. Just sit back on the clean beach and enjoy the calm sea. 

Did you know – Nagoa Beach is horse-shoe shaped!

Diu Fort

Located on one end of the Diu island, the Diu Fort is one of the amazing places to visit in Diu. During Portuguese colonial rule in Diu, the fort was built in the 15th century. The fort’s walls are erected in a way that defended the alliance between the Portuguese & Sultan of Gujarat against the Mughal war to gain reign here. The inner walls of the Diu Fort still hold the guns used at the time.


The best part of the fort is free entry! The gigantic walls of the Diu Fort offer breathtaking views of the sea & the city as well. The lighthouse at one end of the Fort makes up for a picturesque view. 

light house | Places to visit in Diu | Places to see in Diu | Diu Travel Guide | What to do in Diu | What to see in Diu | Diu Travel | #diu #gujarat #india

A walk in the fort from the entry gate to the top will require at least an hour at a slow pace. It was like a walk down the historic lane with a gorgeous view of the blue sea at every corner. 

Pani Kotha

The Pani Kotha or Alfiston jail is also visible from the Diu Fort. The glittering view of the stone structure of Pani Kotha amid the blue sea adds to the brilliance to the Fort. The shimmering lighted jail makes up for a wondrous sight in the night. There are regular ferries by which tourists can visit Pani Kotha. The Fort is also home to a chapel for ‘Our Lady of the Sea‘ and a lighthouse. 

pani kotha

St Paul’s Church

Closely located to Diu Fort, the 16th-century church whitewashed church is a delight for the eyes. The finesse of baroque architecture makes St. Paul’s Church as one of the top places to visit in Diu. The church is the finest example of Portuguese influence in the country. 

St Paul's Church | Places to visit in Diu | Places to see in Diu | Diu Travel Guide | What to do in Diu | What to see in Diu | Diu Travel | #diu #gujarat #india

Photography is not allowed inside the church. In my opinion, the craftsmanship of the exterior architecture is awe-inspiring to witness. 

Naida Caves

For those who seek to visit something off-beat in Diu, Naida cave is the answer for them. The caves are still a hidden gem and are located near Jallandhar Beach. Known for their natural formations, these underground caves are perfect for those seeking some tranquillity.

If serenity is not your thing, and you love photography instead, then also Naida caves are perfect for you. Head to the caves early morning when the sun rays are peeping inside, and you’ll capture some amazing pictures. 

Diu Museum

Diu Museum found its way by being converted from St. Thomas Church to a museum. The museum has historic antiques, sculptures, wooden idols and stone inscriptions. There is no entry charge to this 15th-century church-turned-museum. 

diu museum | Places to visit in Diu | Places to see in Diu | Diu Travel Guide | What to do in Diu | What to see in Diu | Diu Travel | #diu #gujarat #india

Honestly, I was a tad underwhelmed by the condition of the museum and the spider webs were a turn-off for me. If you’re with family and do not prefer to visit museums, then you can skip the Diu museum and rather enjoy the time at the beach. 

Jallandhar Beach

If you’re looking to spend some quiet time on an offbeat beach, then Jalandhar Beach is for you. Not a typical beach, the entry to the beach is as unusual as the beach favoured by algae. Jallandhar Beach is a primarily rocky beach with green algae on the seafront. This might not be ideal for chilling on the beach, but perfect for photography lovers, just like me. I took a ton myself when I could even get to the water!

2023 Update – Jallandhar Beach is now a much cleaner & developed tourist spot, with a cafeteria nearby too.

The beach is deserted and good for 360-degree views of the sea. Although there are no shacks available, no decent place to sit rather is good for enjoying the views. The beach is an incredible addition to your off-beat things to do in Diu.

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

The temple is known to be home to Shivalingas who were sent back by the sea near Jallandhar beach. If you are a believer of God Shiva, then you may visit the temple when in Diu.

Where to Stay in Diu

If you’re spending a night or more in Diu, then my recommendation will be to stay in a resort with the sea in view. But there are some good hotels as well, so here are my picks – 

Krishna Beach Resorts – One of the top-rated resorts in Diu is the beach-facing Krishna Beach Resorts. Apart from the beach within walking distance, the hotel offers a pool, a bar, room service, and free parking. The resort also offers an airport shuttle if you’re directly landing at Diu airport. You can book the resort using this link.

Diu TentCity – Khodidhar – If camping by the sea is your idea of a beach vacation, then I recommend Diu TentCity. A private beach and beautiful location add to the charm of the stay here. You can book using this link

The Grand Highness – One of the most luxurious hotels in Diu City, which also provides airport transfers. With grand and extravagant interiors, laudable wifi services, daily housekeeping, and responsive staff. The hotel is located near the Diu Fort making it one of my top choices to stay in Diu. You can book using this link

Where to Eat in Diu

I had a hard time trying to find Gujarati thali during my Gujarat trip, specifically the Kathiyawadi food, which is applicable in western Gujarat. By luck, we make a stop at the Bamaniya Restaurant for a quick lunch where Kathiyawadi food was also served. They have both buffet and ala carte options which includes non-vegetarian food too. The restaurant is open air with fans & coolers available but no AC which is fine for December to February months. 

Diu food

How to commute in Diu

Like any other part of India, Diu is well-equipped with auto-rickshaws. As it is a small island, one ride may range from 40₹ to 200₹. Although, if you prefer to explore the city at your own pace, and know how to ride a two-wheeler, then scooters are also available for rent at 350₹ per day plus fuel. Bear in mind, showing your driving license is a must and a deposit of 1500₹ is also mandatory. 

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So, this is my Diu Travel Guide with all the places to visit in a day or more.


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