Awe-Inspiring places to visit before you die


Travel bucket list ideas anyone? I know everyone has a bucket list with top places to visit before you die and so do I. I have collated a list of gorgeous places to visit before you die. Some of them are the Greek Islands including Santorini, Venice, NYC, Oceania, and Kashmir from India.

Places to visit before you die

Santorini, Greece

Greece is one of the places which covers history, stunning beaches, gorgeous architecture with a unique charm of its own. The history and monuments of Athens, the authentic Greek food makes it a perfect choice. Where one stays makes it a big part of the Athens, trip, I suggest check out the where to stay in Athens while planning.

Being a history enthusiast, I am driven to Athens, but nothing like Santorini. Santorini Island is one place from Greece that I would love to visit more than anything else. Those clear white houses, blue rooftops from the village of Oia are promising enough and well extremely Instagrammable too. The famous Blue domed church and overlooking deep blue waters is kind of my obsession too, well who wouldn’t want a perfect shot there. Beyond all these, the sunsets in Santorini are literally out of this world, inspirational and mind-boggling. One can’t go to Greece and miss the magnificent sunset here. 

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blue-dome-church-santorini-greece | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

Venice, Italy

The second place on my list is Venice. The canals, the gorgeous architecture and Italian food score this city from Italy a perfect spot on my list. The architecture and artwork in Venice is a must-see for me, and why shouldn’t it be. When Venice is known for its renowned architecture, I am raising my hand for it 🙂

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venice-grand-canal-italy | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

The entire country is a perfect honeymoon destination for me. The historic monuments in Rome, Churches in Florence, the beautiful Cinque Terre, and the Lake Como, Italy has something for everyone. While the entire country is gorgeous, it’s important to plan the trip to Italy on a budget with tips & tricks included so as not to over-spend. When planning a trip to Italy, check out this amazing 2-week Italy itinerary. If you’re a fan of long road trips like me, I plan and also suggest a road trip through Tuscany while touring this gorgeous country. 

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New York, USA

I’m really a city person, I’ve read so many books, saw indefinite images around New York, I can imagine myself roaming on the streets of NYC. Exploring those skyscrapers, bars, enjoying bagels, and Americano 😉 To look out for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartment is on top of my bucket list as well, you got it right, a big-time F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. 

statue-of-liberty-NYC-USA | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

The United States of America is one country which I am sure of exploring with NYC with my priority. Although the country has so much to offer than just the renowned Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Times Square or the Brooklyn Bridge. I intend to spend no less than 4 days in NYC, or maybe even more. I feel I’ll need that much time to soak in the spirit of the city. 

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empire-state-building-nyc-usa | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

Washington DC, Yellowstone National Park, Seattle Tower, Disneyland Florida, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago’s skyscrapers, iconic Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco on the Californian road trip are some of the perks I want to receive on my USA trip. While in Chicago, don’t try to visit these totally Instagrammable River North bars.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

The mountains, dreamy water land of New Zealand makes me want to come here right away. The diversity of New Zealand is well known along with its sharp mountains makes it a place one would definitely like to visit at least once in a lifetime.

lake-wakatipi-queenstown-newzealand | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

Another one of the top places to visit before you die list from New Zealand is to hike a glacier. The one in New Zealand, The Franz Josef Glacier is the one available for the hike. The glacier receives ample sunlight with slightly low temperatures to the nearby towns. So even a non-hiker like me can make up to the top. 

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London, UK

London is one of the places which caught my fancy early on since my childhood days. The Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, those cute little red telephone booths and the London Eye giving a view of the entire city has enough influence on me.

london | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

I am a Sherlocked! So looking out for the perfect baker street picture tops on my list of things to do in London. The English Capital is also known for the year-end celebrations and Christmas in London is also to look forward too. 

Planning a trip to London? Read this wonderful itinerary on how to Explore London with the London Pass from Lorelei. 


I cannot… Just cannot select a single place from Germany. I believe I love Germany and not only for its gorgeous castles, but also for its history. I am big World War II buff, and visiting all the WWII memorials is my ultimate travel goal. How can I study WWII and not visit the very place it started. Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, Nuremberg Trial Courthouse, the concentration camps all the gentle reminders of the country’s brutal past. But I don’t want to be a nerd and only visit the historical sites, but also the beauty and stunning castles here. Everyone knows about Disney’s inspiration – Neuschwanstein castle, but I found this Hohenzollern Castle which I found to be equally amazing. 

Looking for a book for WWII insights? Read Martha Kelly’s Lilac Girls.
neuschwanstein-castle-germany | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die
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Kashmir, India

Despite being a native Indian, I’ve never visited Kashmir, which I seriously regret. Known as “Paradise on earth”, Kashmir is a conflicted zone but still preserves it’s natural beauty.

dal-lake-kashmir-india | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

Since Kashmir has been a crucial part of India and is usually in news for its tough times, I am still waiting for a chance to visit the place. 

The Dal Lake with those houseboats, green landscape and the barren white landscape of Leh, Kashmir is a persona in itself. The entire state covered in snow is all I’m dreaming of and so it has a seat on my list of top places to visit before you die list. Know more about the Leh Ladakh road trip and plan the dream Indian trip

leh-kashmir-india | Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

Liked the list of top places to visit before you die? Which one of these has a spot on your bucket list ideas? 


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Places to visit before I die | places to visit before you die

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