Relish a day at National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

National gallery of modern art Delhi India

History and architecture are the foremost things associated with Delhi which crosses our mind because of the city’s rich heritage. The Indian capital has a vibrant culture and a longing for art that it’s no surprise that the city is home to so many museums. One of them is the National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi, also known by the name “The Jaipur House“.

National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

The Jaipur House was a designed to be a residence for the Maharaja of Jaipur by the architect Sir Arthur Bloomfield in 1936. The building was devised to have a butterfly-shaped with a dome in the central area. The idea was galvanized with Sir Edwin Lutyens perspective of Central Hexagon that helped design all the major buildings in new capital in Delhi.  

Interiors of National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

Special Screenings

The museum is spread across five floors and yet doesn’t have enough space to showcase every piece of artwork in its collection. Thus the museum administrators hold special screenings on numerous occasions to flaunt the artwork and other pieces from history.

Exhibition on India’s 70th Independence Day

Marking the 70th anniversary of India‘s Freedom launched various exhibitions around all over the country. This included an exclusive collection of pictures from the freedom movement of India which was when I decided to visit the museum. 

Gandhi Statue at National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

The National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi holds a collection of approx 14000 artworks with paintings from renowned artists including Rabindranath Tagore, Amrita Sher-Gill, Raja Ravi Verma and also from some of the foreign artists. 

Gandhi Picture at National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

Location of the National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

The National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi is located at the central location of the national capital just opposite to another landmark of Delhi – India Gate. The museum also holds other branches at Mumbai and one at Bangalore to be opened shortly. 

Picture of Gandhi at National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

How to Reach National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

  • By Metro – The nearest metro station is Central Secretariat from where one may either walk or take an auto. 
  • By Bus – Bus no 501 goes directly to the museum from Tilak Bridge. 
  • By Cab/Auto Rikshaw – Cabs/Auto Rikshaws are available from any point in the city going to the gallery.

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Exterior Building of National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

*Pro-Tip*  If you’re visiting by your own car and need parking, go around entire building complex and reach Gate No 3, the cars are allowed beyond this gate only and even have a free parking for visitors too. 

Sculpture in the garden of National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

Tickets & Time to See the National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi is a really reasonable place to visit with the ticket as low as 10 INR ~ 0.1$ for Indians and 50 INR  ~ less than 1$ for foreigners. The timings have been altered lately as shown on the entry gate of the museum as 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM. Depending on your art love, the time for sightseeing may vary from 3-6 hours. The museum has 5 floors with permanent collections at 2nd to 5th  floors while the exhibits are rotated at the basement and first floors. 

Art work in National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

Photography Tips

The authorities at the National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi, don’t allow photography inside the premises. The guards are on roll all the time to ensure this photography ban so don’t even bother clicking pictures. I know this might leave some disappointed, but it’s even better to enjoy the contemporary art without continuously trying to click photographs.

A sculpture in garden of National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

The contemporary art museum not only holds paintings and sculptures inside the gallery but the visibility of art is easily prominent from the outside of the gallery as well. As we proceeded towards the ticket counter, we found these beautiful sculptures placed outside in the garden area. The building premises has an astounding architecture with wonderful doors and windows which can be seen evidently all over the stretch. 

Various sculptures in National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

The Metal Tree

My favourite of all the contemporary art, sculptures, paintings and art collections out there in the museum have to be the metal tree highlighting all sorts of utensils. Not only was the tree looking gorgeous but was that was such a unique concept to see in an art museum

I got lucky to visit the museum in the afternoon and catch this gorgeous pink sunset when I finished my tour of the National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi. This is one of my favourite sunsets and even got a list in my compilation of World’s Most Beautiful Sunsets.

Metal Tree in garden of National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi

Have you visited Delhi and did you get a change to see the National Gallery of Modern Art Delhi? Do share your experience with me!

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  1. […] The National Gallery of Modern Art – If you think your Delhi travel only have to include the historical places in Delhi, you’re about to be proved otherwise. I highly recommend visiting the contemporary art gallery in Delhi with over 14000 artworks. Located at the India Gate’s roundabout and easily accessible through cabs. Although no metro will take you directly to the gallery, but get down at Pragati Maidan station of Delhi metro and walk through the beautiful lanes of Delhi. This walk will make your Delhi tour a lifetime memory.  […]

  2. Woah! I am absolutely obsessed with every India related blog post I read online. I am going to India in a couple of weeks and reads like these gets me even more excited about my upcoming trip 🙂 Thank you for sharing! – Mariella

  3. There are so many places to see in India and it never runs out of what to showcase. This one I haven’t heard of even when I have read a lot about India. The sculptures outside are beautiful!

  4. Yes, it is a great place for art lovers. Delhi does have many good places that people are unaware of. I also love the new trend of filling up certain areas with street art, like they have done in Shapur Jat, Khirki, and Lodhi Colony etc.

  5. I haven’t visited Delhi yet but would love to! Normally I tend to not enjoy art museums so much, but some of the sculptures look amazing. And that tree is just WOW!

  6. I am not too much of an Art fan but I have a friend who sings to my ears ‘Art is life.’ He is s obsessed with art and I’m sure I’d be winning a plus point when I inform of the Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi and the cheap price it comes with for visiting. Glad you brought this to my notice

  7. The exhibits outside the museum are beautiful and unique enough to convince me to check out the interiors! Though I wish photography was allowed inside. I am from Mumbai and I would love to visit the museum’s Mumbai branch someday. Thank you very much for this post!

  8. This art gallery is so interesting. Even the outdoor sculptures are really good. I need to add this to my travel bucket list should I visit Delhi soon!

  9. I have been to Delhi so many times for work but have had a liesurely trip to enjoy its art and beauty. Should make one soon enough.

  10. You know I stay pretty close to the modern gallery. Yet, I took almost a decade in planning to visit it. It is such an amazing place. Your post brought all my memories back. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Delhi is the absolute hub for history lovers. I love visiting the ruins of the monuments and architectures. Though I haven’t been to The Gallery of Modern Art yet. Thanks for writing about it. I would love to visit it soon.

  12. Wow Jaipur House is such a historic place to visit. It feels very glorious to see the rare pictures of our freedom fighters and other leaders. As I am an artist, i would love the see the works of Raja Ravi Verma and other sculptures too. Sculptures in the garden are also enchanting. I would love to see this place to get more inspiration in my art.

  13. Never would think that Delhi would have such a cool art scene. I love the tree of life looking thing in the beginning. Very futuristic and solid for a country like India to have!

  14. I’ve never been to India, but I always have this mental image of it being entirely historic. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. But it’s so cool to get reminders of how modern this country can be, too. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I have been to Delhi three times now but I didn’t know the existence of this modern art gallery, especially so close to the centre of the city. I think that when you visit a city you should get to know its art as well, and this is only doable if you go to museums and art galleries. It’s nice that the price is so cheap as well, especially for nationals. I never got this while in India though, the two different prices based on your nationality.

  16. I have been to Delhi but didn’t get a chance to check out its museums. The outdoor sculptures are really modern and unlike what most people think about Indian art. Museums definitely come in handy for rainy day trips in the city.

  17. I do love a good museum and especially the kind where they don’t let you take pictures inside. To me, that means that the artifacts and paintings inside are old, fragile, and probably have a beautiful history about them.

    • Yeah it was different and beautiful than I imagined that’s why i would have preferred pictures but that’s also ok if they don’t allow, we get a decent picture in our minds if we like the place 🙂

  18. Never been to Delhi, never been to India, definitely is on my list in the next few years. These pieces of art are so beautiful and impressive, thanks for the amazing photos. And the tickets are indeed very cheap for the foreigners.

  19. I’ve been to India, but never Delhi. As they told me it’s a very chaotic city. The museum looks interesting. I like the sculptures in the garden , i always like when there are art pieces in the nature and one can wander around among them!

  20. It’s one of my fav galleries in Delhi. It holds some unusual exhibits and I simply love the tree of utensils by Subodh Gupta and think this is a perfect home for it.

  21. I’ve never visited Delhi or India in fact! This modern art museum looks very cool, and it’s so cheap to visit, just $1?! Three to six hours suggests there must be plenty to see there, but I guess it’s right, as there’s 14,000 pieces of art!

  22. 14000 art works!!! That is incredible! I am sure it will take one good long day to see them all.
    Love museums, but I always rush through them because of time crunch.

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