Incredible places to visit in Kasauli

Summers in India bring unbearable heat strokes and thus Northern India quickly fills up with tourists. The fresh, unpolluted air of the mountains, the caressing cool breeze of early mornings and the long walks on the steep roads make for a perfect holiday. Wondering what to see Kasauli this summer? I’m going to present the must-see places to visit in Kasauli for an incredible mini vacation. 

Incredible Places to visit in Kasauli

Kasauli a small hill station in Himachal PradeshIndia is a choice for a quick getaway for weekends and a short trip to hills to beat the city heat. So, I present you the amazing places to visit in Kasauli for refreshing weekend trips.

Places to visit in Kasauli

Manki Point

Manki Point aka “Monkey Point” is nothing but an Indian God Hanuman’s Temple on the highest point of a hilltop near Kasauli. The Manki Point is not exactly in Kasauli hill station and you can either hike or drive to the main entry point.

Manki Point lies under the protection of Indian Airforce (cantonment area) and thus mobile phones are not allowed once inside the premises. From the checkpoint, it is a steep hike which can take up to 20-30 minutes depending on your fitness level. The views from the highest point of Kasauli are indeed worth the effort taking the hike. Hence, Manki point qualifies as one of the top places to visit in Kasauli. Although not being able to take pictures can be a letdown, but security is security after all. 

Route to Manki Point Kasauli

Sunset point

The panoramic views of the hills with the sun in front of your eyes is the gorgeous Sunset Point for tourists. It is 20-30 mins walk towards upper Mall road amidst all greenery. The entire area protected by Army and various checkpoints are setup till Sunset point. Cars can go halfway but no parking is allowed, so walking is recommended. The ideal season for visiting Sunset point in summers as it will allow you to witness a beautiful sunset. We went in Monsoon, we couldn’t see anything but clouds covering the entire mountain range as you can see in the pictures below. 

Christ Church

Established in 1884, the Christ Church is another one of the eminent places to visit in Kasauli. The architecture of the Christ church has a sharp resemblance with Gothic structures. European roots are visible in the interiors of the church as the stained glass in the windows was imported from England.

Don’t miss this church while in Kasauli to take you to the times of British influence in India. Point to note here is that tourists have to remove shoes before entering the Church. The Christ Church is located right opposite to the Kasauli Bus Stand and easily visible from Mall road. 

Christ Church in Kasauli

Gilbert Trail

One of the most beautiful locations and another one of the wondrous places to visit in Kasauli is the Gilbert trail. The Gilbert trail is a steep pathway taking through nature and greenery to the top of the hills. The path is not only steep but also narrow which is advisable only for those who like a bit of adventure during their vacations. 

The Mall Road

The Mall Road is synonymous with almost every hill station in Northern India, and thus, one is also found in Kasauli making it to one of the wonderful places to visit in Kasauli.

Kasauli is a small hill station compared to its counterparts Manali and Shimla and thus the mall road is also smaller. The markets on the Mall roads sell woollens, wooden materials and also have a few quaint cafes.

A nice way to place to spend the evenings, amid all the hustle of the village. Hawkers selling fresh corns, coffee, and Indian chai cafes right in the centre of the market are the main attractions. When purchasing any souvenirs from here, don’t forget to bargain, as they initially quote sky-high prices. We bought wooden souvenirs and A/C quilts at a reasonable price. Honestly, apart from that, we didn’t find anything worth purchasing from there, as most of the stuff seems imported from nearby big cities. 

Roaming on the Mall Road never gets old & it’s one of the amazing things to do in Kasauli.

Where to stay in Kasauli

Kasauli being an army base has a lot fewer hotels and thus a visit to Kasauli in the peak season can get tricky. I highly recommend booking the hotels when going in summers and on weekends. We went without booking on a long weekend, but we were lucky to find a hotel on the upper end of Mall road. That was the last family room available for that weekend. We had seen people sleeping in their cars the entire night because of no availability of hotel rooms. We booked Hotel Puri, which I wouldn’t recommend because it isn’t that par. If it wasn’t the among the last few options for a family, I wouldn’t have opted for hotel Puri. Their unhygienic bed sheets and shady rooms didn’t let the air in. 

Some of my recommendations as the best places to stay in Kasauli –

Savoy Greens – The hotel with spectacular views of the hills. They have facilities like wi-fi, airport shuttle, and in hotel breakfast as well with bar also available. Recommended for a couple as one of the best places to stay in Kasauli!

Cottage In Hills – Cottage in Hills in downtown Kasauli, with views to enjoy your stay. Enjoy their gardens, home-like stay, with wi-fi, refrigerator, microwave oven and groceries delivered. Recommended for a couple who want to stay in a quaint hotel in hills.

Dippys Hotel – Liked by couples, for private parking availability, wi-fi, and restaurant in the hotel. A decent 3-star hotel in the mountains with facilities like free toiletries, bathrobe, and slippers too which is rare in a small hill like Kasauli.

Alasia Hotel – Looking for a hotel with the bar? Don’t look beyond Alasia hotel. The hotel offers a bar, continental breakfast, and also a garden to enjoy mornings & evenings.

Where to eat in Kasauli

Most of the restaurants are typical North Indian which you will find easily on the Mall road. A variety of restaurants are there in the Tibetan Market and the mall road. Hop on any café and you will feel refreshed after sipping Indian chai in the cool weather.

Travelling with a child? Know more about the road trip to Kasauli with a toddler.

Have you visited Kasauli? Do share your experience with me!

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  1. This looks fantastic. We recently visited Rajasthan and I wanted to make it further north SO badly, but it didn’t happen. Next visit!!

  2. Wow, Kasauli looks really nice.
    Thinking of India, I would never imagine such a peacefully looking spot with a christian church, but it does look lovely.
    Thank you for the share

  3. I remember reading about Kasauli in an old book published by the Indian Railways. I was in school then but the name stuck with me. I haven’t been to Kasauli yet but I soon will. From your words and photos, it appears enchanting.

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