Punjab’s Culture in Sculptures 

Punjab is a land of folk, culture, green farms and spirituality. Amritsar is a one of the major tourist attraction in the state mainly because of the renowned Sikh Shrine – Golden Temple. The city just bordering the neighbour Pakistan is also a known attraction because of the Wagga Border. Catering to tourism, the city has undergone major restoration in the past year maintaining its historic value.

These sculptures showcase Punjab’s folk dance in a natural manner.

punjab folk dance sculpture

The entire area surrounding The Golden Temple has been renovated in a way to mark it as the center of the town and also showcasing the culture of the state (Punjab) in a remarkable way.

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punjab folk dance sculpture

The entire area is restored in a unique fortress structure all in mainly in red color giving it a truly historic feel.  

As per Jill from “Reading the Book Travel”, Amritsar is the Jewel of Punjab. Read more here – the experience of her taste of Punjab. 

punjab folk dance sculpture

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Punjab Culture in Sculptures - India

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