How blogging changed the way I travel?

Traveling has always been my escape from reality. However, the first time I traveled to Paris, all alone, I realized it means more to me than I ever thought. I started to document my travelogues in my blog immediately after coming back to the trip. Almost 3 years later, I now realize, day after day, how blogging has changed who I am and the way I travel.

How blogging changed the way I travel?

Goodbye Perfect Instagram Shots

Instagram is our perfect travel partner & also the research ally. Looking at all the pictures from big media organizations with dreamy pictures certainly gives us inspiration. And that gave birth to these sites featuring people with flowy dresses and highly edited pictures. The downside is that some places have been a letdown when we actually visit them.

Believe me, I not a critique, I do love to edit my pictures too but I keep them as natural as possible without any exaggeration. I love to photograph a place I travel to and mostly come back with selfies or pictures of me taken by strangers. I don’t carry a tripod, or wake up at 4:00 AM to get the crowd-free picture.

I do however get up at 5:00AM to catch the sunrise from the naked eye as a forever memory. After all these years of Instagram love, I realized how much I love seeing those natural travel shots from real travelers rather than those with millions of followers.

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Responsible Tourism

Traveling afar or close to home taught me how badly tourism is affecting nature. Every new place I visit; the Kedarnath trek, Sangla, Odisha or even Gujarat, each place was affected by mass tourism and no one seems to care what they’re doing to the environment or our surroundings.

Trashing the mountains with plastic bottles, leaving the water running in the mountains, or riding innocent animals, all of these are leaving a negative mark on the environment. Coming back from a trip & writing about it on the blog was an eye-opener for me. All these things have been flashing my memories ever since & pinpoint about the ever-rising need for ethical tourism. Use of my own bottle, closing the faucet, supporting local business is my way of supporting tourism in a positive way and still retain my travel love.

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Open to Change

Indian travel is unlike others and is as unique as a blue diamond. We crave for Indian delicacies, or the smell of spices & masala chai and truly believe there’s no comfort like home. On my first international trip, I was cuddled in the room when it was snowing albeit I could have taken an umbrella & enjoyed the beauty. All I could find to find something to eat from the famous Parisian gourmet was Nutella and the delicious bread. Because deep down I was craving for spicy gravies from home.

Over the years of my traveling, I learned the best way to live life to the fullest is by branching out. Whether it’s a new cuisine or learning a new language or getting my hands on with quirky adventures. Traveling combined with my blog has made me turn over a new leaf and quite frankly I’m enjoying it.

My blog has helped me transform from a tourist to a responsible traveler who’s keen to see the world but also keeps an ethical compass. Every trip I now take, I see it through my blog’s eyes’ how I loved it & how I’d like to portray it. This blogging journey has made me a more confident traveler, who’s not afraid to see the world with a different lens.


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14 responses to “How blogging changed the way I travel?”

  1. Blogging has made me far more aware of my surroundings! Which is a good thing, but I worry about thinking “what could I do for the blog?” instead of “what do I actually want to do?” I spend far longer on photographing places now, but that’s something I enjoy rather than a chore. But I do think overall I’m having more enriching adventures because of the mindset my blog has given me!

  2. I agree, blogging has changed the way I travel too for the better. Nowadays I go with the flow more rather than trying to check everything off a travel to-do list. The good stuff happens in all of the in between moments when you slow down and let it, not when you race around trying to see everything and get perfect photographs.

  3. Circling the globe helps us pull back SO far from perfect conditions Shivani. Here I am working from an outdoor lobby in Thailand in 99 degree temperatures LOL. Just BE guys! All is good.

    • Yes I think writing our stories impact us in ways more than one and if the impact is positive, then it’s a growth I look forward to 🙂
      Thank you Sinjana for stopping by, much appreciated.

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