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Singapore 4 day itinerary - featured

Singapore is one of the most travel friendly countries around the world and considering it is so close to India makes it perfect for a solo trip too. Having said that, I planned my trip to Singapore in a flurry, literally within a span of a week. But I have been planning about all the things to see in Singapore and what to do from far too long. Booked the cheapest flight, got my visa in 3 days, packed a carry on and I was all set for my solo trip to Singapore. So here it goes, my Singapore 4 day itinerary.

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Singapore 4 Day Itinerary

Singapore Itinerary: Day 1

Places to visit in Singapore

Singapore literally caters infinite options to tourists with a myriad of places to visit in Singapore. The hotels in Singapore are not cheap and usually don’t have good breakfast options. So, I’d recommend eating out, there’s no dearth of cafes in Singapore and you’ll find good eating spots within walking distance. Kick start you first day after a good round of breakfast with the following places to visit in Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay

I have kept the best for the beginning of the trip for my Singapore 4 day itinerary. Gardens by the Bay is a nature park where we see vertical trees – Super Trees, illuminating in the night. The dance of these trees is a startling thing to see for yourself. You don’t need a ticket for the evening light and sound show. For OCBC skywalk, a ticket is required and you won’t be disappointed by the view of super trees from here. If you love nature, you should visit Flower Dome as well which is the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse. You’ll be amazed by the plants you can see from all the continents.

Merilion Park

The official mascot of Singapore is The Merilion with lion’s head and body of a fish. The Merilion Park is a famous tourist spot in Singapore located near the business district. The Merilion is also visible clearly from the Marina Bay Sands avenue. One of the best places to visit in Singapore is Merilion Park, so don’t miss it.

Merilion Park

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a hotel & also has a mall located right across the Singapore river. The Marina Bay Sands avenue is located on the river front and the view of Singapore’s skyscrapers looks stunning from here. There is a light and sound laser show in the evening which you should not miss.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

Marina Bay Sands Hotels is one of the prominent landmarks of Singapore. The 7* hotel has an observation desk on the 57th floor where we can entire Singapore from here. You can buy tickets online or at the automatic counters at the basement of the hotel. The view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is just wow, I was mesmerised by looking down at Singapore city.

Singapore Itinerary: Day 2

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

One of the top places to visit in Singapore is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The relatively young temple built only in 1989, and redecorated in 2007, the temple is a visited by locals and tourists alike. Bear in mind, shoulders and knees are to be covered while visiting the temple. I wore a slip dress to the temple, so I had to take a sarong from the temple to go inside.

The temple has beautiful exteriors in Tang style architecture in red and while colour. The interiors are equally beautiful with numerous golden idols of Buddha placed closely.

China Town

China Town is one of the most visited places in Singapore and rightly so. The narrow lanes in the ethnic district of China Town, there are numerous things to do.

You may have started your tour with the Buddha Tooth Relic temple, and the lane next to it goes right to the China Town’s shopping complex. There are numerous things to do in the district – try out local cuisines in the Food Zone or shop your heart out.

The district is also home to some of the prettiest buildings built in baroque and victorian styles. The colour added the structures are just magnificent.

By this time, you will be exhausted by all the walking, so take a break at one of the many restaurants in China Town. I shopped a lot from the district, I am sure you will too.

Little India

Little India is a little Indian paradise you wouldn’t want to miss. This district gives a vibe that would easily get in India. The main market, the temples and the restaurants are kept authentic to Indian roots. While I was there during “Navratri” festivities, I could feel the auspicious feel-goods from the chants in the temple(s).

Little India

There are numerous places you’d want to see:

Little India Arcade

The Little India Arcade is a colourful market quite similar to the colours you can see in India. The market has narrow alleys, shops with Indian products, spices, dresses and even jewellery. It is a similar experience like walking in a market in India. If you crave Indian food, this is place for you.


As the name suggests, Little Indian does have a lot of temples you might like to visit. The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is one of the oldest Hindu Temples in the city. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the temple was built in 1881 by the immigrants. Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is another Hindu temple in Little built for Lord Vishnu in the late 19th century.

House of Tan Teng Niah

House of Tan Teng Niah is one of the most visited places in Singapore’s Little India. The house has bright rainbow windows and the colours are as bright as a prism. It is a popular Chinese villa which still stands strong amid Singapore’s sky high buildings.

Arab Street

Arab Street is a place not every tourist visits said my cousin, who is a local in Singapore. It is definitely underrated but a haven for food lovers. The food options are beyond ideal and you would feel like returning back here. Do visit Sultan Mosque if you prefer beautiful architectures.

Arab Street

Singapore Itinerary: Day 3

Universal Studios Singapore

I got all the tips from my friends that I will need an entire day for Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and it was true indeed. As I travelled solo, and yet I didn’t realise where half of my day went. So if you’re going with family or friends, you will end up spending entire day at USS.

USS Entry

There are various zone in the theme park and even if you are not a child, you’ll enjoy each zone thoroughly.

I started with Hollywood zone, which is also the entrance of the park. You can choose to go opposite way if you like 😉 There are awesome attractions like Hollywood China Arcade. Although I found the stores were really expensive for my taste, it was hard to resist, no kidding. But even a quick look at the price tag would remind me that the price is all too steep. If you are not a budget traveller like me, feel free to shop your heart out in Hollywood’s stores. The dining options here were just alluring, including Mel’s Diner (a 1950’s American Diner).

USS tiles

New York was one of my favourite zones, as NYC is already really up on my travel bucket list. Touring through the zone, I felt a deep inclination to the city I have never been to. That small trip made me realise one thing – I am definitely going to NYC sooner than later.

Sci-Fi City is for the techies and nerds and as one of those, I loved it completely. I wished the rides in the zone lasted longer, especially the Battlestar Galactica. It was a roller coaster and I was ready for it through and through. I wouldn’t recommend it for faint hearted people.

Ancient Egypt had a ride which was recommended to me by my friends and family – The revenge of the Mummy. It certainly stood up to my expectations, wonderfully crafted and equally scary. I came out with a huge smile on my face 🙂

By the time I visited these three zones, I was not only exhausted, but the queues in the other zones like Far Far Land, The Lost World grew longer. I walked around in those zones, went where the lines were short and I came out having a gala time. This was all I did on my own. Imagine when you can visit these with your friends. I am sure you’ll end up spending more time in the park.

S.E.A Aquarium

I winded up my USS trip and headed to witness the marine life in their unique habitat. Even with my feet sore, I was aching to see the fantasies of the under water world. The ticket queue wasn’t long, so I went ahead and bought it there & then. It is definitely interesting for kids & families, but it is not just for them. I was surprised to come out knowing a lot more than before, a must-do experience in a typical Singapore 4 day itinerary.

Singapore Itinerary: Day 4

Singapore Botanical Gardens

If you love gardens and flowers, then Singapore Botanical Gardens should be a must visit. I love orchids and so I decided to Singapore’s National Orchid Gardens early morning. Trust me I have never seen so many varieties of orchids before. Some were even made experimentally in the lab, but flourishing like a normal plant. It was mesmerising to witness. And the sheer beauty of how well the garden is organised, it is a ritual in itself. Before I forget, the Botanical Gardens are the Singapore’s first UNESCO heritage site – so a must do in my opinion.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a riverside front in Singapore and is the heart of Singapore’s nightlife. I am not a clubbing person so I skipped it, but you can definitely visit it if you like to hit the pubs.

Shopping at Orchard Road

Now you have some time to spare in Singapore. For the shoppers, the malls at Orchard Road are a perfect way to spend your evening. The 2 kilometre long avenue identified by huge malls and hotels. Orchard Road is one of the opulent areas of Singapore. There are various hotels ranging from luxury to budget, you can opt for either one. Malls are also a great place to get a taste of local cuisine, and Singapore is a heaven for foodies.

Where to Stay in Singapore

I stayed in the New Cape Inn hotel quite near to the China Town. It really is one of the best places to stay in Singapore, a mix of residential and touristy vibe and a lot of restaurants nearby. I chose a hotel over hostel as I couldn’t find a good hostel due to less time for trip planning. Staying near good restaurants will mean you’ll never start your day empty stomach.

Here are some of my recommendations as the best places to stay in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands – The hotel is the heart of Singapore, the most famous building from the country and also one of most luxurious. Located on the river Singapore Bayfront, walking distance from Gardens by the Bay, the hotel reeks of luxury. They have an observatory deck at 52nd floor and a mall inside the hotel premises. Large rooms, contemporary decor and a window to Singapore’s skyline. Recommended for couples or families as one of the best places to stay in Singapore!

Village Hotel Bugis – Village Hotel is located in Bugis and nearby to Mustafa centre. The rooms are quite spacious and buffet breakfast at the hotel including local cuisine. The rooms are equipped with safe, tea & coffee maker, and other standard facilities which are usually at a higher price in other hotels in Singapore. The hotel is only a few steps away from Haji lane and close to MRT/bus stops so I’d say it is one of the best places to stay in Singapore. 

Singapore Travel Tips

  • Avoid Universal Studios Singapore on weekends and public holidays, the park gets cramped especially post noon.
  • When in USS, dine at the Discovery food court, the prices are better with a lot of culinary options.
  • Buy your tickets online and in advance. You’ll avoid the entry queue with tickets in hand.
  • Don’t book Airbnb, it is illegal to rent a place unless it is for minimum of 6 months. You never know how much trouble you can get in if your host declines your stay at the last minute.
  • Pack breezy soft clothes as Singapore is highly hot and humid. Avoid jeans, else you won’t be able to do sightseeing in the day comfortably.
  • Use Singapore’s efficient public transport including buses, MRT etc. for commuting. Avoid cabs, it can take a toll on your budget.
  • Singapore is an island, you can’t predict when it will rain here. Always carry an umbrella. Don’t forget to check out my carry-on packing essentials checklist.

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