The unexplored Ashokan Rock Edicts, Odisha

Visiting Shanti Stupa in Odisha? Don’t forget to visit the unexplored Ashokan Rock Edicts nearby. 

While coming back from Puri we made a pit stop to the famous Dhauli for Shanti Stupa. Exploring the local market for some original spices from Odisha, we got to know about the Ashokan Edicts. We had the advantage of own cab which helped us stop on our way back for Bhubaneshwar.

The unexplored Ashokan Rock Edicts Odisha

Despite the unbearable heat and my brother rejecting my stoppage at the Ashokan Rock edicts, I urged the driver to stop. Finally, I found myself in closeness with history once again. Although, I found it underwhelming when I saw school kids at picnic taking selfies there. History being ignored and forgotten like this truly saddens me.  

Spotting the Ashokan Rock Edicts

I walked on these gorgeous stairs, confused where are the caves, where is the touch of history I wanted to see. I literally went all the way up and came back disappointed. But I guess it was in my destiny to witness those edicts after all.



While stepping down, I was stopped by the guard of the Rock edicts and he told me he’ll show me the rock edicts..yippee!! I got so excited, finally, my efforts paid off 😀 He told me that the kids coming here don’t value the edicts and write on the walls of the caves. So they locked the Ashokan Rock Edicts (an authentic one) and open only for the few genuine tourists. 

The Rock Formations outside the Ashokan Rock Edicts

Just next to those stairs, the glass door on the right introduced me to the Ashokan Rock Edicts and the original Brahmi Script. Located so close to the entry but hidden in plain sight, the caves in shape of an elephant should be the true highlight of Dhauli. 

Elephant Shaped Ashokan Rock Edicts

These unmatched shaped rocks were the caves when King Ashoka hid and spread the word for peace. 

Photography near Ashokan Rock Edicts

Ashokan Rock Edicts

The Ashokan Rock Edicts & The Brahmi Script

The message was written in Brahmi Script which is now being decoded. The translation of the inscription is also available outside just the caves. 

Pardon for bad quality pictures as they were taken in the really low light.

Brahmi Script in Ashokan Edicts Dhauli Odisha

Brahmi Script in Ashokan Edicts Dhauli Odisha

Would you love to do such an exploration to reconnect history and visit Ashokan Rock Edicts on your trip to Odisha? Share your thoughts with me.

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Ashokan Rock Edicts | Unexplored India | Incredible India | Solo female traveler | | India | Odisha | Asia | Traveling | travel | #thewanderingcore #travel #odhsa #shantistupa #india #asia #dhauli

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  8. Srinivas says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! I wish more Indians were aware of their own history

    1. So glad you liked the post.

  9. Those are fun stairs. 😀 Thanks for playing.

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