Familiarise with the history of Charkha at The Charkha museum, Delhi

The huge shinning steel silver charka (spinning wheel) set up right opposite the newly opened & famed Madame Tussauds is a part of the Charka Museum, Delhi. Placed opposite the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, the Museum is a new addition to Connaught Place must-do’s. A part of the park above the Palika Bazaar, the museum is a window to Charka’s history.

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The Heritage Charkha Museum, Connaught Place

Khadi History

Khadi is one famed product of the Indian independence movement when the focus shifted from buying British cloth to Swadeshi ones. Khadi is a handwoven cloth prepared using charkha.

Khadi history dates back to Mahatma Gandhi when he promoted the use of handwoven Khadi to boycott foreign clothes during the British reign in India. Since then Khadi has gained enough popularity. It is favoured not only as a made-in-India product but also because of its natural fibre. The fibre is cooling in India’s scorching heat making it a preferred material even today. Be it a saree, a kurta or a top, it is now a quintessential part of our wardrobe. From Mahatma Gandhi to J.L. Nehru, our current-day Narendra Modi Khadi has been honoured by India’s politicians as well. Khadi is prepared using a charkha which makes the Charkha an important aspect of Indian history. 

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The Charkha Museum

The museum is strategically placed right opposite Khadi Gramodyog in the inner circle. The Charkha Museum premises is installed with a small building housing all the vintage charkhas. The park outside the Charkha museum has gigantic 13 feet high and 26 feet long Charkha made of steel and built to endure Indian weather. The premises also has installations of a Gandhi statue, a steel lion and the famous 3-monkey structure.

The ticket for the museum is merely 20₹ (0.28$) – crossed off by 50₹ to 20₹ – and a Khadi Soot Mala is given free along with it.


The museum is home to 14 vintage charkhas showcasing the journey from yarn to Khadi cloth. Charkha Museum also has a charkha personally used by our current Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi. The particular charkha was used by Sh. Modi in Ludhiana where distributed 500 more charkhas to the women. 

The charkha has been a part of our heritage and now there’s a chance to get ourselves acquainted with it. When you’re in Connaught Place the next time, be sure to take out some time for the museum. 

Charkha Museum | Khadi History | Connaught Place | Delhi | India #charkhamuseum #delhi #india #thewanderingcore

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Charkha Museum | Khadi History | Connaught Place | Delhi | India #charkhamuseum #delhi #india #thewanderingcore

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